A Look at Recruitment

For the past couple of years I had been involved in the recruitment process in our organization.  And for those years, I observed the rapid change in the way we are doing recruitment.  In early times, when we want to look for candidates who will fill-in a vacant position, the traditional way is to have a job advertisement in new papers or in radios, some in television and commercial cable stations.  Others go to schools for job fairs.

Photo from www.inloughborough.comWith the introduction of the world of cyberspace, Recruitment evolved as well, going along with technology.  Job ads are now in the internet.  Recruitment companies proliferated like mushrooms (and they earning a lot). Companies now have their own websites and posts their job openings in the Career page where applicants can directly apply online.

Applicant now visit the web to look for jobs, thus job opportunities right now are just in the tip of their fingers and seconds away from them.  Searching in the internet will give you enormous job vacancies.

In my years of experience, Recruiting talents still goes back to the Recruiter.  The vast source of talents is useless if the Recruiter does not know how to use the readily available resources out there.  Hiring the best people depends on the ability and the skills of the Recruiter in determining if the candidate is the right fit for the job.  

Recruiting is not just a mere process of looking for applicants; it entails an intricate process that should be mastered.  They said that an organization’s problems can be traced back to a faulty recruitment process.  Hiring the wrong people can be costly and devastating to the company.

That is why it is important, that Recruiting is not just about hiring the good looking men and women for front-line positions, it is not about what school they come from, what status and race they belong. It’s not about looking for the genius or wizards.  Recruiting people is more than that. It is finding the “true fit” for the position.  Recruitment is looking for the best among the best.

Photo from www.44recruitment.comAnd that best means having the ability to overcome situations even at its worst, being dynamic and flexible, people oriented, has the leadership potential.  He doesn’t have to be good looking or so intelligent, he can be of average intelligence but has a higher level of emotional maturity.

I had observed that those people who excel, and remained loyal to the company are those who value hard work and the learning’s they achieved from their work.  In my case, hiring working students seemed to be a productive effort.  I am not saying that those who are not working students are not good, I’m trying to point out that in terms of hard work, perseverance and adaptability, they are proven to survive and last. 

That is why it is not easy to look for applicants.  Much worse, there are a lot of applicants who are not qualified for a certain vacancy. That is why it is important to master the recruitment process. Otherwise, you will be contributing a weak chain in the link.

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