Between Having a Job or a Career?

Image from www.saidonline.comI remember my first job was in the field of education as a part time college instructor.  I really don’t like to teach.  When I was small, I told myself I’m not going to take a teaching course.  But it was what I got.  At first it was just an ordinary job, but later I felt the importance of being a teacher.  I felt the need to mould and shape the future of this country by sharing with my students what’s needed to be learned.

Since I was doing night classes and didn’t have any daytime teaching schedules, I decided to look for a full time day job.  Luckily I got a job so effortlessly. When I submitted my application, I was immediately told to start immediately the following Monday.  I was never asked to undergo the testing and interview.  I never had the final interview as well. I was told to submit all the pre-employment requirements.

However to my dismay, when I reported for work, I found out that the job given to me was not the job I was applying.  Instead of a Human Resources position, I was designated as a Bank Teller.  The first few days were like a punishment to me.  I don’t have any background in Accounting.  And I hate numbers.  I have to survive the situation and I was challenged.  It didn’t took me long to understand the concept of Accounting and Banking Operation.  I had to cope and speed up my learning because I don’t want to fail .  Everyday was a learning experience.    The difficulties didn’t stop me from performing my job beyond the standard.  I tried to find ways to motivate myself and to love my job.

I’ve met a lot of people who views their job as nothing but a mere task that needs to be accomplished within the day.  They are contented that at the end of the day, their work is over.  For them their job is a mere work.

I have to admit that I had been into jobs that are quite difficult, the work politics and difficult people.  Situations that would have caused me to back out or resign, but I manage to make it through the dark times of my corporate world.

People asked me how I did it. I just tried to be positive all the time.  I just make it a point that I am doing my task the way I should do it and giving my best.  I don’t just settle for less, I have to excel.  I need to give my all and all my best effort.  That way I turned a negative situation into a positive one and it proved beneficial to me.

When at times that you feel you don’t like your job anymore, or feel the need to quit, you have to find ways to motivate yourself.  If you are not happy anymore with your job, then you have to quit.  But if you still can find a way to turn it the other way around then do something.  If you think that your job is worth keeping for, then motivate yourself to enjoy your job.  Think of the future outcome, the rewards you will get when you will do your job beyond the standard.  Exceed the expectations of your superiors.  If you were not noticed now, excel even more so that you will be noticed.

Image from www.businesspundit.comI believe that there is no job that is useless or meaningless. Every job is created because they serve a purpose and they are important to the success of the organization.  Enrich your job by thinking of the positive outcome like getting praise, a promotion, or you being recognized. I came across an article by Erin Palmer sharing her views on how to turn a meaningless job into a meaningful career.

Doing what you are doing on a day to day basis is just doing your job.  Making a difference in your job, excelling and putting your best effort is what a career is all about.

Remember that your job is not just about money, it’s about who you are as a person.  Your work reflects your attitude, your beliefs and your values and the output of your work will surely bring you to a greater opportunity. If its not now, then soon, just don’t loss hope.

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2 comments on “Between Having a Job or a Career?

  1. Eunice on said:

    hmmm… good thought. I have been thinking about the same. I said, for the last 5 years, I don’t have a job. This is not a job. I love the perks I get from my company although it isn’t really a career or a job. I call it a lifestyle. Now turned to either make money for good retirement or start a career? hmmm i choose the latter.

    • Eric t cabalda on said:

      good to hear that at least you thought of making a career out of your job. In addition, its also nice to hear that you love your job because of what it can give you, the satisfaction, the rewards that are fulfilling. What is important is that you are enjoying what you are doing. There are others are not happy with their job.

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