Go get yourself a vacation.

Other than those who are stressed at work, honeymooners, lovers, friends and those young adventure seekers, who else needs a vacation?

Gumasa Beach, Saranggani Province

Right, all those who just had retired from their respective work.  Be it regular retirees or early retirees, you deserve to have a break.  Now that you have the luxury of time on your own pace, you can go to places you haven’t been before or have your dream vacation. Get that vacation you wanted but were not able to have it because you are so tied up with corporate life.

The next question then is, where will you go spend your vacation?  If you will ask me, I will recommend spending it here in the Philippines.  Of course it is nice to go to other countries, but I realized that there is so much in the Philippines that needs to be explored and enjoyed.  After all, I agree “Its more fun in the Philippines.”

Lately I had been traveling to different places and those travels made me realize that our country has so much to offer not just to foreigners but as well as to all Filipinos.  My recent trips to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, Gumasa, in Saranggani to name a few are one of the wonderful places that you should go and visit.  Tawi-Tawi also has its best to offer as well.

I told myself, that I would be spending more travels this year than last year.  I had already lined up my trips for this year.

Rock Formation, Kapurpurawan , Ilocos Norte

For all those who are retired I recommend you go and travel around the Philippines.  Again “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”  I suggest go to places that are seldom visited by tourists.  There are so many out there.  You can check it out at www.langyaw.com, my favorite travel blog so far.  You can likewise ask the author for tips and on how to get to those places.

You can also coordinate with the local Tourism Office in the area you want to go.  One of the places with an organized travel and tourism program is the Ilocos Norte Convention and Visitors Bureau.  You may visit their site and can coordinate with them for assistance.

Part of your retirement proceeds should be spent in traveling aside from putting it in investments.  It’s your hard work, its now time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.   Enjoy your being a retired person.  There are many out there who wished and are waiting for their time to retire.  Now that you have it, you have so many reasons to be happy.

So, should I say “Bon voyage?”

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  1. Chayieee on said:

    Someday! Someday! :)

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