Self Improvement: Feeling Good About Yourself

This is the 3rd part of the Self Improvement Series.  

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The second part of the Self Improvement series talks about being positive.  Self improvement all starts within the person and I should say that to achieve this, one has to feel good about himself.

A great way to start feeling good about yourself is to change your self-concept – it is how you perceive and see yourself.  One has to have a positive self-concept for him to be confident, and in turn feel positive.

The story of the eagle who was raised in a chicken farm is a great example of having a positive self-concept.  The eagle, when it was still an egg, for whatever reason reached the chicken farm, so the chickens decided to consider it as its own until it hatched and grew to become an adult.  The eagle grew up like the way chickens behave.  One time, he saw some eagles soaring high above the clouds and he told himself, “How I wish I can be like an eagle.”

Most of us don’t know that we are an eagle basically because we grew up in the chicken farm.  Deep in our being, we can do greater things, yet we can’t because we don’t see ourselves capable of doing it.  Many of us, when we were still young were labeled as “idiot” or “stupid” or “bad” or “you are not good at all.”  Those negative words were imprinted in our mind that as we grow old, we see ourselves as such.  We used the feedback from others to develop a concept about ourselves.

Another common reason why we don’t feel good about ourselves is that we don’t appreciate what we have at present.  Most of us are not contented with what we have and are focused too much about what we don’t have.  We become more negative than being positive about who we are because we have spent too much time thinking about these things. We likewise spend more time thinking of the things we can not do.

What I can only say is to focus on your accomplishments no matter how small they are.  Remember, “Great things starts from small beginnings” as the famous tonic drink jingle goes.  Learn to appreciate everything you did right, even if you are the only person who knows about it.

Lastly, learn to accept yourself.  Learn to accept that there are things beyond your control and there are things that you can not have.  If you focus on what you can’t have or what you can’t do, then I can guarantee you, that you will never succeed in life.

To be in control of your life, you should be in control of yourself.

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6 comments on “Self Improvement: Feeling Good About Yourself

  1. ang hirap maging positibo kpag negatibo ang nrramdaman..may shortcut ba?

    • Chayieee on said:

      Hmmm.. Shortcut? Ewan. But there’s always a way.. Talking to God and to feel His presence is the BEST way I can suggest to you. He is the only one who can show and let you feel that you are PRECIOUS in His eyes and that You are unique and He loves you so much. With Him, you can be optimistic.. because when you think and have His presence deep within you, YOU WILL COMPLETELY FEEL THE LOVE we all really wanted, and you will start thinking positively. Focus. Straight ahead. Be positive. Pray & SMILE. Smiling makes you feel good and think positive.

  2. Sared_lab on said:

    well good for you if you felt good about yourself but not all individuals do feel the same way like you do.. coz it is other people who makes your life a HELL..

    • well, if you let yourself be affected by other people, then I agree your life is like a HELL… but you can do something out of that situation. My question now is, do you want others to make your life a HELL? Do not let others ruin your life unless you like to be in that situation for always , then you wont have to do anything…

      • Sared_lab on said:

        hahahaha to easy for you to say! wether you like it or not sometimes you got affected everytime other people say that you are such a jerk or an asshole. but i am not the type of person who would just sit and let it pass by, its a big NO WAY!

    • Chayieee on said:

      Yes.. I understand you Sared_lab but then as what estan cabigas said, it’s all up to you. Those hurting words and negative comments from other people who made you feel your life as hell, consider them or those words as a challenge for you to go on with life and prove to them that what they think about you are not true. Instead, pray to God that He will help you conquer those tests in your life. Sometimes, God uses people to test you on how you’ll gonna pass such life test. Be firm. Don’t hate. Just pray for them and pray for inner strength.. it’s your life anyway, not theirs. Its up to you on how you’re going to picture your life GOD has given to you. Smile. Enjoy life! Don’t get too affected by those negative words of people around you.. if you cried because of them, it’s okay but then after that stand up, move forward. God is with you throughout your life journey. God bless! ^_^

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