Currently an HR practitioner in one of the leading banks in the country. Experienced in various HR facets which includes Recruitment, Selection and Placement, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefits and Organizational Development.

Besides working in the corporate world, he likes painting, sketching, do art crafts, traveling,and eating.

Has been a College Part-time Instructor handling various Psychology subjects. Conducts seminars and workshops for various school organizations and small medium enterprise companies.

He also serves as consultants of his friends in the industry in matters pertaining to Human Resources and personal life. A good friend, serious yet wacky, a good mentor and most importantly a competent individual in whatever field of endeavors he chooses to take.

5 Responses to Author

  1. Dianah_dianne says:

    likes ur tie

  2. Sared_lab says:

    are you really a good consultant in your friends towards their personal life?
    have you ever ask yourself are you really that good?

    • I believe I am good at what I am doing as I always strive to be the best at what I can be. Yes many times I had asked myself if I was doing good. that makes me attuned to myself. And if my actions does not meet with my expectations, then I strive even better next time if I do something.

  3. Sared_lab says:

    a good friend never goes out of boundaries…so always remember no matter how close you are respect them!

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